Making buying
American easy

It works like a “Made in the USA” filter for!


It’s easy!

You no longer need to go to a separate site to figure out where something you are looking at comes from, you just shop online as you normally would.


You can trust our huge product list!

We have researched and cataloged more than 100,000 products that are made in the USA and we highlight them on Amazon. If you want to buy American, install our extension and see how easy it is to support your local industries while shopping online.


Helping people stop buying Chinese Products

A big part of the motivation for starting was to limit the amount of Chinese goods the founding team bought. We are really unhappy with their behavior and don’t want any of our money to end up there.

Thousands of retailers

We have more than 100,000 Amazon listings identified as U.S. made.

How it works

We made an extension that clearly shows you locally made products when you use your favorite shopping sites. You put in the locations you want to see items from and then shop like normal, our extension will highlight the items from those locations. See more —>

What does American made mean to us?

Apr 30, 2020

How we research

May 13, 2020


Our Mission

We are a group of people who got really concerned about where the products we purchased were coming from.  We decided we wanted to find a way to easily allow us to buy things made in places and standards we agreed with. Environmentally, labor and politically, we didn’t want our money supporting things we didn’t agree with, and it was too difficult to research every item we bought. We started working on a database and stumbled onto the extension idea, a way to show people where their items come from without disrupting their normal shopping methods, and so Buylocalized was born.


Week 13 – New and improved search!

Week 13 – New and improved search!

It's been a reasonable week for us over here at Buy Localized, though this blog post is quite a few hours later than usual. We launched our new search, researched a bunch and...

How we research

The vast majority of our resources have gone towards research. We have talked to a lot of people about why they buy local and what's important to them, and we try to apply that standard and the FTC standard to marking...

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