Making buying
American easy

It works like a “Made in the USA” filter for!


It’s easy!

You don’t need to research yourself anymore! We research and display the information right on Amazon, it’s a lot easier. If you are looking for a product we haven’t covered, email us and we will find you a solution.


You can trust our huge product list!

We have researched and cataloged more than 250,000 products that are made in USA. We have a rigorous research standard, not accepting anything with global components. If you want to buy American, install our extension and see how easy it is to buy American.


Helping people stop buying Chinese Products

China is behaving atrociously, and we don’t want to support them. Online shopping sites don’t want you to know where things come from, we want to change that.

Thousands of retailers

We have more than 250,000 Amazon listings identified as USA made.

How it works

We research American made products. As we find them we add them to our database, and while you shop online on Amazon we point out the American made items. It’s a lot easier than researching everything yourself. See more —>

How we research

The vast majority of our resources have gone towards research. We have talked to a lot of people about why they buy local and what's important to them, and we try to apply that standard and the FTC standard to marking a product or company as Made in the USA in our...

What does American made mean to us?

What does American made mean to us? As we continue to flesh out our extension with American made products, of which we are at 160k currently, we wanted to write down our criteria for adding something to our database. We usually go by the FTC guidelines. The FTC...

Our Mission

We think people should be able to know where their products are made.  We were buying online and trying not to support China, and it was too hard. So we decided to make an extension, as it’s the most seamless way to provide the information we research. You should be able to only buy American made items online without wasting hours researching yourself.


Week 18 – New Blog Format

Week 18 – New Blog Format

Welcome to week 18 of the Buy Localized blog, where I will be mixing it up. Our other style, which will still be posted on IndieHackers, was a bit too operations based. I’m going to experiment with a new weekly blog...

Week 17 – New features coming up!

Week 17 – New features coming up!

Hello again, welcome to week 17 of the Buy Localized blog. Last week I did a bunch of paper work, worked on a feedback process with the developer and added a bunch of products. The Extension I had a couple talks with...

Week 16 – Incorporation and lots of new listings

Week 16 – Incorporation and lots of new listings

Hello again, welcome to the week 16 blog post of Buy Localized. Today I started the incorporation process, to make sure we can start to charge for our premium version in a few weeks, and we also added a huge 60,000...

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