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After around 6 months of hard work we are ending our beta on the 23rd of September. I want to thank all of you very much for all the feedback you have given us so far, and I hope you have been enjoying the extension. On the 23rd your access to the popover will be removed, unless you upgrade to our Plus plan. The Plus plan is $2 a month if you get a yearly subscription, or $3 if you get a monthly subscription. It allows you to see a lot more search results, as well as filtering results by brand/category.

The popover button, a plus plan feature

The reason we are charging is our research. We’ve now identified around 425,000 Made in USA Products on Amazon. The 4 of us working full time since December have spent around 75-80% of our time in finding and verifying products. We stick to the strictest form of Made in USA, where we don’t accept any “assembled in”, “designed in” or foreign components. Normally we have to contact the manufacturer and ensure they understand the FTC definition of Made in USA.

Subscribe now for uninterrupted access to our Plus plan features, and to support the team. Your billing cycle will be on the 23rd, whenever you sign up, so you won't be paying for the access you currently have. I hope you have been enjoying the extension, and good luck.



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