Making Buying American Easy.

A “Made in the USA” filter for Amazon.com!


Easily Buy USA-Made Products

Buying local helps the economy

For every dollar that is spent on locally manufactured goods, an extra $2.64 is added to the economy. When you buy American you are supporting companies that treat their workers right, that care for the environment and who share your values.

No "designed/assembled in" here

We have cataloged more than 425,000 Made in USA products. We use the FTC standard of Made in USA, which means only a very small amount of foreign components.

Avoid Chinese products

China is persecuting minorities and crushing democratic Hong Kong, and they are using our money to do it. Online shopping sites don’t want you to know where things were made, we are giving you that information.


The Extension


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

“This is the first working tool I've come across that easily allows me to search for American-made products on Amazon. It works! And it has become a tool I use every time I visit Amazon. ”
“Saves a lot of my browsing time to find authentic American products”


It Should Be Easy To Know Where The Things You Buy Are Made.

We research and display the information right on Amazon, saving you from needing to research it yourself.

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Information about what we are doing

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