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You should be able to see where the things you shop online come from. To us, that seems incredibly obvious, but in practice it’s not easy to find. We started building Buy Localized in December 2019 over concerns of where our products are coming from.

The main motivation for us has been a desire to not let any of our money end up in China. The treatment of the Uighurs, the demolishing of Hong Kong, these are things we don't agree with. However shopping online and not buying Chinese stuff was very inconvenient, western made alternatives existed, you just couldn't find them easily.

I, Gareth, spoke to a few people who shared similar thoughts, and the 4 of us gathered together and started working. It's me, a developer and 2 researchers, and we are building an extension that works with how you shop now and makes it easy to see non-Chinese alternatives.

We are working on making it seamless and easy to purchase products from countries you agree with. You should at least have the information about where things are made at your fingertips, and that's what we are building.


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