Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did you start Buy Localized ?

It was too hard to figure out where things are from! No one wants to look at the label of every item they are thinking of buying. We decided we would do the research once, and make a super easy platform for people to use, so that people could make a decision really easily. We also believe there is a tremendous amount of awesome stuff made in the USA, and we want to make it easy for people to find.

How can I have you look into a product ?

Send us an email! Email us at if you would like us to look into a product, or you are looking for an American made product in a certain category, we will look into it and get back to you within a day or two. You can also send us a message from our "Contact Us" page.

Why just Amazon ?

Amazon is by far the largest platform, and we want to make sure we are doing a great job there before branching out. We will be on individual brand sites at some point, as well as large ecommerce stores.

How do you make money ?

We have a premium subscription version called the Plus plan, we don't accept sponsorship, advertisements and we don't sell data. The free version will be great, but if you want to support us you can upgrade to the Plus plan. It's a very cheap $2 or $3 a month.

Are you affiliated with Amazon ?

We are not affiliated with Amazon in any way, we just display the information we’ve researched when you are on their site.

How do you find out where things are made ?

We contact companies. We have a software component that helps us, but everything is verified by humans who either find information on their website/marketing materials, or we email/call them. You can read about it in depth here: here.

I think you screwed up, where can I tell you about it ?

If you think we messed up, or want us to check out a product, you can email us at

Why Made in USA, why not everything but Chinese products?

We started this to help people avoid Chinese goods. But it makes more sense to build up a large database of American goods to start with, as it's the largest western manufacturer. In the future we will add more countries and allow people to shop on Amazon and never buy anything from China.

What do you do with my data ?

Next to nothing! Internally we do get a list of searches, without any user information. We use that to highlight any categories we need to find more products for. We don’t sell or share your information with any third party and we collect the absolute minimum that we can.

Whats next ?

Currently we have an enormous backlog of brands that our research has suggested are made in America. We’ll be going through them and that will take a while, and then we plan to make our extension work on some other major sites.

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