Why We Charge

It all comes down to our research. While most extensions are made by a single developer to solve a small problem they have, we’ve had 4 people involved full time since our start in December 2019.

Around 80% of our resources have been poured into researching where products come from. We email or call around 100 companies a day, as well as reading labels and doing a lot of due diligence. We’re committed to providing a huge product selection, 425,000 products as I write this, with a strict adherence to truly being Made in USA.

Check out our Infographic below to learn more about a research process!

When you purchase a premium subscription you are enabling us to continue our research and the expansion of our product database.

On top of that you are helping many people to stop buying Chinese goods. We are well on the way to finding an American/non-Chinese alternative to pretty much any product you can imagine. I would like to encourage everyone to sign up for a premium subscription, and thank those who have.

A premium subscription, called the Plus plan, will give you access to our popover, which allows you to filter by category and brand.

Gareth Struivig de Groot

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