Our mission here at BuyLocalized is to make it as easy as possible to buy local. We want to help our users easily identify where things are made, so they can make a decision about who they support when they buy something. Currently if you choose you can buy local, you can look at a lot of labels, contact the company and wait or go and check out partial databases online. It seems like a lot of people are doing the research separately, so we decided to do it once and make it easy for people to access. Using our extension, you will be able to identify where something is from while browsing without having to do anything extra at all.

We try to buy local mainly because of dissatisfaction with the Chinese government. From how they’ve handled the Coronavirus, to Hong Kong, the Canadian Huawei dispute, or the Uighurs, we just don’t want any of our money ending up over there. Products made in the west are usually better quality, and you can be much more confident they are supporting values that you agree with, plus purchasing locally can help your community.

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